Union Européenne de Cyclisme


ALÉ is an Italian brand created in 2013 by the company APG srl based in Bonferraro di Sorgà (VR). APG has been producing cycling clothing and accessories for over 30 years. This company has a lifelong passion for cycling and products of the highest level. ALÉ products are exclusively made in Italy, from research, creation to packaging. The main ambition of the company is to understand, innovate and anticipate the needs of cyclists. 


From day one (back in 1953), Vittoria has been creating properformance tyres.
Road tyres were our focus. Our first true love. Perhaps because of our Italian roots. They’re what our reputation is built on. And how we became renowned for putting tyres on the bikes of some of the world’s most famous riders. But speed is not our only friend. Performance, precision, perfectionism. Each played its part in making us a market leader. But it’s innovation that sets us apart. Our relentless pursuit of the next technology. The next design. The next material. The next level of performance.